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Healing Benefits of Scalar Energy

Scalar energy provides the template to heal the body’s DNA. Its double-helix spiral waveform, which is the same as DNA, is the most efficient pattern for growth and repair. This unique energy pattern also has the ability to bring together raw materials in your body and make what it needs to repair and function.

In reality, scalar energy is the “Holy Grail” of healing. Scalar energy’s creative forces enable it to disassemble toxins, viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, chemicals, vaccines as well as other foreign matter that hampers health.

What's Included:

  • All the literature
  • All video interviews, archived blogs (over 70 videos)
  • All case studies (over 170 case studies)
  • Online seminar: Dental Whole Body Connection
  • Special Report: Top 10 Super Healing Foods
  • 18 healing frequencies:
  • Scalar Energy plus 18 healing frequencies
  • Vanish remedy (special immune booster for colds, flu, and the big ”C")
  • Pain-Away I Remedy
  • Pain Away II Remedy
  • Detoxifier remedy (designed for all vaccines)
  • Depression
  • Ozone
  • Anti-aging program
  • Allergy remedy
  • Silica 30 C potency (essential for all chronic health issues by improving cell function)
  • IverMectin (cloned frequency of Ivermectin)
  • Hydroxychloroquine (cloned frequency of Hydroxychloroquine)
  • Infrared (special healing frequency 632.8 nanometers)
  • "Clearing Program" (designed to remove any existing frequency distortions or imprinted ambient frequencies in an item)
  • Bleeding Gums Remedy
  • Healing of the Stomach/Intestines
  • Improving Short Term Memory
  • Improving Long Term Memory
  • Complete Usage Guide
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Medical Disclaimer

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Tesla Energy, LLC believes that its innovative technology will usher in a new paradigm and revolution in healing.

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Gerald H. Smith, DDS, Doctor of Integrative Medicine

CEO Tesla Energy, LLC